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Class 4

Carswell Farm


At Carswell Farm, we learnt about what life would be like without any farms and how they had to forage for food to eat.  After collecting and learning about lots of different plants, we went down to the beach and prepared our soup from the ingredients we found. Whilst our soup was cooking, we cleaned the beach up and discussed the importance of recycling and looking after our environment. We also had the opportunity to visit the dairy and see the calves. We had great fun!

At Forest Schools the last couple of weeks, we have learnt about making different sounds using natural materials and we have learnt some new knots to help us build our dens.

At forest schools, we have been focusing on using natural resources to create pieces of art in the forest based on Andy Goldsworthy.

Spring Term 2017

Welcome back! I hope you have had a fabulous Christmas holiday and ready for a busy spring term ahead. Our topic is Exploring Europe and in Science we will be learning about sound. We will also begin to focus on our Class production, every child will have a role in this and scripts will be sent home soon. 



Autumn Term 2016

Welcome back everyone! We are a Year 4 Class, our teacher is Miss Ross and our teaching assistant is Mrs Eason. Our learning enquiry this term is the Ancient Romans. We have a very exciting term in front of us so make sure you check back to see what we have been up to.

Our Trip To Carswell Farm

During our trip, we learnt about the seasons and harvest. We took part in apple picking, label making and a scavenger hunt for different dispersing seeds. We also all got the chance to make our own charcoal and at the end of the day we had the chance to draw with it.


Roman Day

Today we had a visit from a Roman Soldier. We were able to look at artefacts and learn about life in the Iron Age before the Romans came to Britain. We then re-enacted a Roman Battle.


Exploring Roman Artefacts and Foods

Exploring Roman Artefacts and Foods 1

Preparing for a Roman Battle

Preparing for a Roman Battle 1
Preparing for a Roman Battle 2

Welcome back!

We have a very exciting summer term planned. Our work will be based around our production of Time Lord. We will be making the scenery, props, tickets and posters as well as developing our speaking and listening skills.

The Characters

There are a few main historical characters in our play which we didn't know much (or anything) about! We used our research and note-taking skills to research these characters and write biographies of their lives.

Welcome back Class 4!

We have a very exciting and busy term planned! Our learning will be based around the topics of Space and The Stone Age. We will particularly be focusing on Tim Peake's space station mission and we will  be going on a class trip to the Immersive Theatre at Plymouth University! This term, we also have the exciting opportunity to perform our dance at the Gym and Dance Show at Ivybridge College.




Stone Age Huts

Stone Age Huts 1
Stone Age Huts 2
Stone Age Huts 3
Stone Age Huts 4
Stone Age Huts 5
Stone Age Huts 6
Stone Age Huts 7
Stone Age Huts 8
Stone Age Huts 9
Stone Age Huts 10
Stone Age Huts 11
Stone Age Huts 12

Displays for Literacy and Science

Displays for  Literacy and Science 1
Displays for  Literacy and Science 2

Writing Newspapers

After watching Tim Peake's launch, we became journalists and took part in researching and hot-seating activities. We then applied our learning of speech marks to write quotations, passive voice and shortened descriptions.

A sample of our newspapers

Cave Paintings

In our art work, we are creating Stone Age cave paintings. 

Class 4 Autumn Term 2015

We are a Year 5 class and our teachers are Mrs Mckinnon and Mrs Wadey.

Class Displays

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In our Literacy, we have been learning about descriptive techniques, particularly personification. We wrote poems about the journey of a river. We hope you enjoy Holly's and Freya's version.

Descriptive Writing

We applied our learning of descriptive techniques to create coastal descriptions. We hope you enjoy our selection of sunny and stormy settings. 


In our art work, we have developed our sketching skills. We created a seascape with pastels using our descriptive writing as inspiration.



We have been learning about forces. After a lesson on air resistance, we made our own parachutes and tested them in the hall. Well done Oscar and Morgan for creating the winning parachute and Holly and Gemma for coming in 2nd place!

Picture 1
Picture 2


We enjoyed investigating how rivers are formed using our DT skills to build a simple landscape. We observed where the water ran and collected to form rivers and lakes and where pollution spread through the river system. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Summer Term 2015
Within our English work, the children have been focussing on J.M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' whilst producing a series of fantasy narratives. The children were asked to create their own setting based on their opinion of how Neverland should look. This led to the class building their own Neverland for our display board; it is most definitely packed full of some interesting habitats such as 'The Whipped Cream Whirlpool' and 'Mount Ben'!

Check out some of Class 4's Neverland description below.

Picture 1
As a part of the schools attempt to renew it's eco-award status, the children have been investigating the school's expenditure on both gas and electricity within their maths lessons. The children have progressed to displaying this data using appropriate graphical methods and have enriched their understanding for using Microsoft Excel to create both tables and graphs. 
Picture 1
Picture 2



Our learning focus in Class 4 for the Summer Term has been 'Healthy Me'. The children have discussed what it means to be healthy and how they can apply this into their everyday lives. One particular focus  for the children has been the digestive system. The children have researched the different types of teeth and how they are formed as well as investigating the impact that sugar has on our teeth.


Spring Term 2015

This term we have been investigating states of matter within our Science lessons.


Identifying how the particles of a solid, liquid and gas interact has been the perfect opportunity to take part in some drama based activities.


Have a look at our photos below and guess which state of matter we are!

Picture 1

Our topic for the Spring term in Class 4 is Africa!


We have been using our developing knowledge of the Microsoft ICT packages to present different forms of data based on Africa.


We set out to answer two questions:


How big is Africa?

What is the population of Africa?


We found out that Nigeria has the largest population, whilst Algeria was the largest country in terms of square miles. Identifying this information was no quick task (isn't that right Mrs Caunter) as ordering 4 countries with our place value skills up to 9 digits was quite a challenge!


Check out our African Maths book to see what other interesting facts we found out about Africa's countries!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Academic Year 2013-2014

Welcome to Class 4. We are a group of 25 Year 4 and 5 children and our teacher is Mr Peters. During the Autumn term we have been learning about The Victorians.

Please read some of our descriptions of Scrooge and his Counting House that we have written based on 'The Christmas Carol'.