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Class 5 2016-17

Class 5 2016-17 1
Welcome to Year 5, Class 5 at Newton Ferrers. We are now a class of 27 with Mr. Thomas as our teacher. This term we will be studying a range of exciting subjects including: forces as part of our science learning; the recorder in music and; Ancient Greece in our learning enquiry. 

Book Reports came in thick and fast...

As a return to school, Year 5 were asked - as their first piece of homework - to create a book report on a book that they had particularly enjoyed. It was gratifying to see how many children rose to the challenge. Reports are displayed in the Reading Corner in our classroom - do take a look when next you're in.
Have a read of Francesca's report on Harry Potter below.

Air resistance experiments

Air resistance experiments 1
Air resistance experiments 2
As part of our learning about forces- and specifically air resistance - we have been making parachutes. We were only allowed to have one variable: some chose the size of the 'chute, others the type of materials used.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Parachutes were tested (from the balcony in the hall) to see if our predictions were correct.  

Music Lessons

Music Lessons 1
Music Lessons 2
Music Lessons 3
This term, Mrs Sewell and Mr Thomas have been teaching us to play the recorder. So far we've only learned G, A, B, C and D but we're managing to play simple tunes in unison, most of the time! 

Build me a Trojan Horse...

So they did! Here are some of the Trojan Horses that appeared in Class 5 during the second half of term. We had papier mache, lego, collage, hardwood, balsa wood and even gingerbread! They were fabulous to behold and really made the learning come to life. A big thank you to all involved in their construction!

A "tail" of 2 horses!

A "tail" of 2 horses! 1
A "tail" of 2 horses! 2
These two fine specimens came into school first and last. On the left, our last entry into the Class 5 Champion Trojan Hurdle was Zeb's edible (and very tasty) Gingerbread Horse, complete with Jelly Baby 'Trojans'. On the right, Zac's (almost) larger than life entry, which has certainly dominated the classroom and been admired by all.

Painting geometric patterns

Having made our Greek vases (using balloons and papier mache), we are now decorating them using the geometric designs we learned about with Mrs. Townsend in Art classes. 

Coffee and Cake at Christmas

We're back in the swing of learning now, with Christmas already a fading memory. However, we thought you'd want to see the photos of our Cake and Coffee musical extravaganza (on the last Thursday of the Christmas term). The crowd at Holy Cross were wonderfully appreciative - squash and biscuits went down well too!
A visit from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

As part of a visit to a number of classes, Years 5 and 6 were lucky enough to receive a very interesting talk today from Gemma, who works locally for the RSPB.  The topic: birds and their habitats; other creatures and their impact on birds; and finally the symbiotic relationship between people and animals.


Despite the weather, the children decamped to the playground and outside areas to survey the school's suitability as a home to our feathered friends.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, given our semi-rural location, we scored very highly as a suitable home for lots of different types of animals. Before leaving, Gemma was able to impart some suggestions for how the school could become an even more hospitable site so keep an eye out for "bird friendly" projects in the future.

Spring Visit to Carswell Farm.

Our second trip to Carswell Farm was another great success. We spent the morning examining the relationship between soil, grass and milk as well as performing our own soil analysis. In the afternoon, we visited the five hundred cows at the dairy farm. We saw some brand new calves and the milking machines in action. It was brilliant to see the process first hand.


Thanks (again) to Mesdames Guyver, Sanders and Williams for being our parent helpers on the day. 

Forest Schools Spring 2017

This half term, Class 5 have had the opportunity to take their turn at Forest Schools sessions, which have taken place on Friday afternoons in the woods above the tennis courts in Noss Mayo.


The children have learned about plant and animals indigenous to the woods as well as practical skills such as knife and saw work. They have also studied a series of basic knots and have combined these skills to make chairs, tables, bow and arrows from wood.


With an emphasis on safety and fun combined, it's been a great way to end each week.