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Sports Day July 2017

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Brickfields Athletics Tournament held at Brickfields Stadium, Plymouth June 2017



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Ivybridge Area Cricket Tournament June 2017


We travelled to Cornwood Cricket to play 5 other teams- Woodlands, Manor, Stowford, Cornwood and Shaugh Prior. We won 3 and lost 2 and finished second overall to the winners Woodlands.

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First Federation South Hams Rounders Tournament July 2017
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First Federation South Hams Hub Year 2 Multi skills event July 2017


When we went to Aveton Gifford we played against Salcombe and Averton Gifford children. One of the games we played was Up and Over. The next game we played was the Javelin Throw and we used a foam javelin. We had to balance a tennis ball on a racket too. How fun it was!


By Freya & Jess

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Ivybridge Area Tag Rugby Tournament April 2017


Mr Hilling took a team of 10 to the Ivybridge Area Tag Tournament held at Ivybridge Rugby Club.


Our first match was against Ugborough who we beat 6-1. Next we played Stowford B team and won 5-1. With both wins, we won our group to qualify for the semi-final against Manor.It was a very close, exciting and tiring match. The score were level after 7 minutes so we had to play 2 minutes extra-time where Manor won 6-5 with scoring a ‘golden try.”

In the third place play-off, we played Stowford A team. The match ended 4-4 so we both finished in 3rd place overall. Im very proud to be captain of such a great team.


By Thomas Chishti

Ivybridge Area Gymnastics and Dance Show March 2017


On Tuesday 7th March Class 6 had the opportunity to participate in the Ivybridge Area Primary Gym & Dance Show. We had been practicing regularly in our PE lessons and working hard towards the routine (which was a gymnastics performance accompanied by the song ‘Up Town Funk’ ). We arrived around 2pm at Ivybridge Community College and immediately prepared to perform our piece to the schools and experience the space on stage and rehearse. Everyone enjoyed all of the performances, whether it be dance or gymnastics and just like us they had all been working hard. After having a thorough stretch, a snack and being applied with glitter we went on stage for the first time in front of parents and relatives. It was very enjoyable and great fun and we returned shortly afterwards to the dining room to prepare for the evening performance at 6pm. We were the 8th school to perform which meant that we had quite a wait, but we entertained ourselves happily. After performing for the final time we felt that we were relieved it was all over. Many thanks to Mr Hilling and Mrs Townsend for making it all possible and to parents for taking us to the event.


By Ruby Jones, Class 6.

First Federation South Hams Hub Cross Country Tournament February 2017


Newton Ferrers Cross Country Team (Years 3, 4 & 5) went to Salcombe and took part against Aveton Gifford and Salcombe Primary Schools. Year 3 and 4 girls went first and did very well! Next was the Year 5 & 6 race for girls. They ran splendidly! We all had to run down a slope and across the playground then do a final loop on the field. Then the boys ran and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd! This was the Year 5 and 6 boys. Everyone ran as fast as they could (even with a stitch).


We WON!!


We had to have the least points because we had to add our numbers together. We most got 1, 2 or 3s. Everyone ran their very best that day and came home triumphant! We had a really enjoyable afternoon. We would like to thank Oscar’s dad for taking the pictures for us. Also to the parents who transported us to the event (as well as Mrs Caunter).


The people that went were Jack, Tara, Sienna, Lana, Saffy, Oscar B-T, Tom Cardrick, Eva, Zeb, Lily, Joel and Archie.

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Ivybridge Area Year 2 Multi-Skills Festival November 2016


We went to Ivybridge Community College in Ivybridge . We played against lots of children from different schools. We had to do lots of things like balancing bean bags on our heads and throwing and catching and at the end we were doing running races. We came 5th out of 12. Thank you to Lucy, Ned, Monty, Georgia, Harry Y and Matilda for taking part and to all of the parents too.


By Harry Y and Ned.

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First Federation South Hams Hub Girls' Football Tournament November 2016


On Wednesday 30th November a group of Year 5 and 6 girls did a football tournament up on the school field. We played four matches and we won every one of ours. There were two other schools, they were Aveton Gifford and Salcombe. First we played Salcombe and won 4 – 0. The second match was also a victory winning 4 – 0 again. After that we had a break, but were shortly back on playing Salcombe again and winning 5 – 0. Last of all we played Aveton Gifford and scored in the last minute. In the last match I had to take a penalty. As hard as I kicked it the goalie was amazing and saved it. The final score was 1 – 0 to us. Overall we came first and were so pleased. All of the training we had done had paid off, all thanks to Mr Hilling.


By Lucy Epps, Team Captain

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Kingsbridge Area Swimming Gala


After the Hub Gala, a team was chosen from Newton Ferrers, Aveton Gifford and Salcombe schools to take part in a swimming gala in Kingsbridge as a team called ‘The Federation Flippers’. Overall the Federation Flippers came 2nd and only 12 points ahead of us was The Kingsbridge Kingfishers, who swim regularly and won nearly every race. Our swimmers all achieved great positions and were only just beaten by a narrow margin. We all feel very proud of our achievements and hope to take part in many more swimming galas. We would like to thank Mrs Eason for driving the minibus and to Miss Leo for managing our squad.


By Otto Kettlewell

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First Federation South Hams Hub Swimming Gala September 2016


On Friday 9th September a team of 15 children set off to Salcombe Primary School to compete in the First Federation Swimming Gala. Everyone was full of nerves on the side of the pool, but we soon kicked off the afternoon with the boys 1 length breaststroke. Surprisingly, the pool (which was outside) was luxuriously warm and we soon longed for a race. The girls and boys races alternated and then came the team relays, both girls and boys. There were 4 in a team and all but one (when we came second), we were victorious. After a few more races we had a quick ‘fun time’ in the pool. Then we got out, changed and waited for the results. We were informed that we came joint first with Aveton Gifford and the team for the ‘Big Gala’ would be selected later but we all have high hopes. On the way home we sang happily (much to Mrs Caunter’s delight)! Thank you to Mrs Caunter and Mrs Eason for transporting us to the event and Mrs Leo for hosting the event.


By Cara Cochrane and Ruby Jones.

Cross Country Event.


Unfortunately, due to the weather, the local learning community cross country event for Year 5 and 6 children was cancelled this year. The Year 3/4 children managed to hold their event on an alternative date (WEdnesday 9th March) at Ivybridge Community College where the children raced around the running track and up a steep incline. We are all really proud of the team which comprised of Jack, Oscar I, Zeb, Sienna, Tamsin and Sarah.

Special mention and huge congratulations should go to Jack Guyver who won the boys race in a quick time of 5 minutes 51 seconds and Zeb Fellows who came second overall  with a time of 5 minutes 53 seconds. A highly competitive race for both these boys. Well done.

Indoor Athletics- Thursday 11th February


When we got there we lined up and had to say ‘YEAH’ as loudly as we could for our

team. Then Will and Sarah did high jump. Will got 25cm and Sarah got 20cm. Then

Lois and Oscar did the over head throw and Lois got 4m and Ocar 4.7m. Then

Jack and Sienna did long jump, Jack got 64 cm and Sienna got 58cm. Zeb then did

the speed bounce and he got 47 jumps, then Tara did it and she got 50. Then

Lois and Tara did one lap and they both got a 3rd. Next Will and Oscar ran the

one lap, Oscar came 2nd and Will came 3rd. Then Sienna and Sarah were doing the

two lap and Siena came 2nd and Sarah 3rd. Then Zeb and Jack did the two lap and

Zeb came 1st and Jack came 1st too. Next was the relay and both the boys and the

girls came 3rd. Overall we came 5th out of 13 schools.

By Zeb and Jack

Mrs Caunter was very proud of the whole team.

Year 4 Indoor Athletics

Year 4 Indoor Athletics 1

New Sports kit sponsored by ADWilliams, Building Contractors Ltd.

New Sports kit sponsored by ADWilliams, Building Contractors Ltd. 1
New Sports kit sponsored by ADWilliams, Building Contractors Ltd. 2
New Sports kit sponsored by ADWilliams, Building Contractors Ltd. 3

We are extremely grateful to A.D. Williams Building Contractors Limited  who have kindly sponsored a set of waterproof tops and trousers for the children to wear when they attend sports events. As the weather is often cold and wet at the various events we attend during the year at Ivybridge Community College, we know that the children will now be much warmer and drier whilst travelling to the events and warming up.

Thank you to A.D. Williams Building Contractors Limited  for funding these items for the school.



Year 2 Multi skills festival at Ivybridge Community College- Tuesday 10th November


After school on Tuesday 6 children from Class Two went to Ivybridge Community

College to take part in Year 2 mutiskills competition. There were six different

activities and we approached each activity with buckets of enthusiasm. Well done to

all the children, you all tried your hardest and were all very respectful of the other

children. I'd also like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came and supported


Miss Foster

Year 2 Multi skills festival

Year 2 Multi skills festival 1
Year 2 Multi skills festival 2

Year 5 and 6 High Five netball tournament


On Tuesday 13th October a group of Year 5 and 6 boys and girls went to Ivybridge to compete in a Netball tournament. The team included Jess Cochrane, Emily Gozzard, Molly Lynch, Lucy Epps, Tom Woodlock, Sebastian Green and Thomas Chishti.

First we played Manor in which we beat them 1 – 0 because Thomas scored a goal. Next we played Yealmpton and we drew 0 – 0. Then we played Shaugh Prior, unfortunately we lost 2 – 0. Lastly we played Ugborough which we lost 4 – 1 , however we were glad Thomas scored again. We would like to thank Karen Jaggs for coaching us beforehand and Mrs McKinnon for taking us, managing us and supporting us throughout the tournament.


written by Jess

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football

Girls Football Report

On Tuesday 29th September a team of Year 5/6 girls went up to Ivybridge to a football tournament. The team included Molly Lynch, Jess Cochrane, Jasmine King, Cara Cochrane, Edie Longhurst, Lucy Epps and Milly Ives.

Our first match was against Stowford and we won 2 – 0. During the match, Cara had a tumble when she tripped over the net and did a forward roll in the second half.

Unfortunately we lost the next match 2 – 0 and the one after that 1 -0. The last one we played was against Yealmpton and we won 2 -0. We were really pleased with our results and would like to thank Mrs Caunter for taking us and managing the team. By Jess and Molly.


Year 3 and 4 Football Festival

Year 3 and 4 Football Festival 1
On Tuesday 22nd September, the Year 3 and 4 football team entered a football festival at Ivybridge Community College. We played four games and won each one! When the results were collated we had come first! All of the team played exceptionally well and there were goals by Zeb, Oscar and Jack. Some of the children hadn't played in a game before but came off the pitch smiling! Thank you to the parents for their support.

The following match report was written by William Peacock, Year 4 and goalie for the team.


Yesterday Newton Ferrers football team travelled to Ivybridge school to play a tournament. Onboard was: Zeb, Zac, Jack, Oscar, Isaac, Elliot, Jessica Y, Sarah and me. We met other teams on the astro turf. Our first match was against Shaugh Prior which we won 2-0, Oscar and Jack scoring 1 each.

We went on to play Manor which we also won! Next was a more challenging game against Stowford. I had to make lots of saves and the defenders had to work hard however we came through winning 1-0.

Finally our last game was against Ermington and guess what? We won again!

I was very proud of my team for being underfeated and Mrs Caunter was very excited too!


New Sports Kit

Many thanks to the PTFA for providing us with this fantastic new kit which will be used for all our sports events! Here is a picture of our football team wearing the new kit before our latest home game against Manor.


Sports photos