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Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl for this Autumn term

Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl for this Autumn term 1

Meet the House Captains:

Meet the House Captains: 1



Key Stage 1 and 2



Fire Safety talks.

On Thursday 10th March, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 had a Fire Safety presentation.

The children all enjoyed the videos and disscussions. They have learnt some new information from the visitors.

Alice, Year 2 said, " You need to call 999 if there is an emergency. When the answer the call you need to tell them where you are, what your baddress is, what your postcode is and if there are any landmarks nearby".


William, Year 2 said, "When you roll on the floor you smother the flames. That's why you should STOP, DROP and ROLL".


Molly, Year 2 said, " Never play with matches. If you find some you should tell your Mum or Dad about them".


Jess, Year 1 said, "When you call 999, they ask you who you need".


Harry, Year 1 said, "You need to know which landmarks you are near".


Oliver, Year 1 said, "You need to tell the person on the phone where you are; you need to know the postcode".


Yasmin, EYFS said, "Smoke detectors smell the smoke, like a nose".