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Fire Safety talks.

On Thursday 10th March, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 had a Fire Safety presentation.

The children all enjoyed the videos and disscussions. They have learnt some new information from the visitors.

Alice, Year 2 said, " You need to call 999 if there is an emergency. When the answer the call you need to tell them where you are, what your baddress is, what your postcode is and if there are any landmarks nearby".


William, Year 2 said, "When you roll on the floor you smother the flames. That's why you should STOP, DROP and ROLL".


Molly, Year 2 said, " Never play with matches. If you find some you should tell your Mum or Dad about them".


Jess, Year 1 said, "When you call 999, they ask you who you need".


Harry, Year 1 said, "You need to know which landmarks you are near".


Oliver, Year 1 said, "You need to tell the person on the phone where you are; you need to know the postcode".


Yasmin, EYFS said, "Smoke detectors smell the smoke, like a nose".





Christmas Dinner 2015

Christmas Dinner 2015 1
Christmas Dinner 2015 2
Christmas Dinner 2015 3
Christmas Dinner 2015 4
Christmas Dinner 2015 5
Christmas Dinner 2015 6
Christmas Dinner 2015 7
Christmas Dinner 2015 8
Christmas Dinner 2015 9

The children enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner on Wednesday. It was wonderful to see the whole school and pre-school in the hall all enjoying their lunch at the same time. Thank you to the PTFA who kindly donated crackers. Special thanks should also go to Mrs King and Miss Smith for their hard work in preparing the meal for the children.

In our family groups this week we have been writing acroustic poems about Christmas and what it means to us. The winning one, chosen by Mrs Caunter for the website, was Emily and James' group (Oliver, Miles, Jack, Connor, Zac, Milly, Jessica, Alice and Robbie) Well done to all of you and here is your poem:


Candy canes in sticky wrappers,

Happy Birthday to Jesus,

Rejoicing with all our relatives,

Ice-skating in your warmest clothes,

Singing Christmas carols in the Church,

Tinsel decorating the house and Christmas trees,

Mince pies made by Mothers in warm kitchens.

Always enjoying the Christmas spirit,

Stockings being filled on Christmas Eve.


Remembrance Service- Wednesday 11th November

Remembrance Service- Wednesday 11th November 1
Remembrance Service- Wednesday 11th November 2
Remembrance Service- Wednesday 11th November 3

On Wednesday 11th November, we held a short remembrance service in school. The service was led by Rev. Anne. Prayers were written and read by some of the children from the Ethos group. During the service, we held a minutes silence to remember the fallen soldiers and dropped poppies.  



Prayer by Emily and Mia:

Dear God,

Please help us to be respectful to the people who fought for us in the war.

Help us remember the families that suffered the loss of loved ones that passed away during the war.

Let us be respectful and pray for those children who have to live in fear for their relatives fighting in a war.





Prayer by Cara and Lucy:

Dear God,

Help us to remember the peace the soldiers bought to us after the wars.

Please help us to restore faith in others and in ourselves.

Help us to remember people who have lost family and friends in wars.

Please help us to resolve wars that are going on in our World today. 




Help us to remember people 

Author visit- Clare Welsh 'Aerodynamics of biscuits'

On Tuesday 3rdrd November, Class 1 and 2 at Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School were visited by Clare Welsh, an author, who has recently had her first book, The Aerodynamics of Biscuits, published.

The day began with a whole school assembly during which Clare explained the process of writing her book from planning to publishing.  The star and motivation for writing her book, is her son, Oliver.

The story features Oliver helping Sneaky McSqueaky and his crew of pirate mice fly to the moon to steal cheese. The book has been illustrated by Sophia Toutiatou.

The children in Foundation, Year 1 and 2 then drew their own characters on balloons thinking about who might have taken the biscuits from the story. Connor in Foundation said, “Captain Squeaky stole the biscuits. He looks like a mouse but lives in a house of play dough. He ate pizza for breakfast because he was hungry. You can catch him by tricking him”.

The children also interviewed their characters, created biscuits from play dough, WANTED posters of their characters and began to draft their own stories.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Many left school delighted with their own copies of ‘Aerodynamics of Biscuits” which their parents had ordered, each containing a personal message for the recipient.

Charity Event- Class Talent shows

On Thursday 21st May, each class held their own Talent Shows.

The Captains and Vice Captains had chosen to raise money for the Air Ambulance and wanted the children to pay a £1:00 in order to share their talents with their peers. 

The children and teachers were dazzled by the array of talents on display which included singing, dancing, instrument playing, magic tricks and sewing.

Winners for each class were decided by way of a vote by each member of the class.

Class 1- Lucy for making fairy cakes and sharing her recipe.

Class 2- Kit and Isaac for their comedy puppet balloon popping.

Class 3- Oscar I for hula hooping with 4 hoops!

Class 4- Josiah for his computer animation video

Class 5- Ilana and Imogen for their card tricks.


Well done to all.

A final total for the amount raised will be given after half term.


World Book Day

On Thursday 5th March, the children and staff came dressed as their favourite characters from a book for World Book Day. During the morning, the children visited several classrooms, in their Family Groups to undertake Book related activities. Some groups made Wanted posters for Story book villains, others designed a Chocolate Factory for Willy Wonka, some made bookmarks and others decided what would happen if they had a Magic key.

Examples of the children's learning will be on display in the entrance hall.

World Book Day 2015

World Book Day 2015 1
World Book Day 2015 2
World Book Day 2015 3
World Book Day 2015 4
World Book Day 2015 5

The Lion King

Class 3 and 4 are currently rehearsing their production of the Lion King in readiness for their performance which will take place at the end of the Spring Term. As well as learning their lines and singing the songs, they have also been creating scenery and props for the performance. 

Lion King creativity

Lion King creativity  1
Lion King creativity  2
Lion King creativity  3
Lion King creativity  4

Academic Year 2013-2014

Have a look at some of the fantastic and inspiring whole school activities and events that took place in Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School last year.

Class 4 and Class 2 shared an afternoon together recently. Pupils from Class 4 shared their Just So Stories interpretations they have been working on to pupils from Class 2. Later on, both classes went outside to help weed the front of the school.



World War One Commemoration Assembly


On Tuesday 29th April, we held a special assembly in school to commemorate those who died in World War One. Rev. Anne led our assembly and showed us pictures of the trenches and explained to us why poppies are used as a symbol of Rememberance. After the assembly, one of our family groups planted poppies on a bank on the field.



World Wildlife Fund Charity Day
Our chosen charity for the second half of the Spring Term was the World Wildlife Fund. Everyone, across the school, paid a pound to come to school dressed as an animal.

World Book Day

On Thursday 6th March, the children in Year 5 and 6 all brought in their favourite books to share with their family group.