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Communication and Parent Pay

MyEd - The school use MyEd so parents can receive information, letters and attendance regarding your child's schooling.  This is used instead of paper letters wherever possible.  You will need to go to the app store, search for MyEd and download the app.



Feel free to follow us on twitter.  We are happy to publicise what is going on in our community and share the exciting activities regularly occurring in our school.

Seesaw - All parents the school have access to their child's own seesaw account which informs them what is happening in their child's school day.


At Newton Ferrers C of E, it is used:


For parents:

-Gives families an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day.

-Having an opportunity to instantly see what is going on in the classroom.

-To celebrate learning and golden moments.

-To share methods and learning which could then be used at home e.g. using a correct mathematical method.

-Any messages or reminders can be put onto the class journal.

-Pictures and videos which open up a conversation.

-Extended family, including grandparents, can have access.


For children:

- empowers students to independently document their learning with built-in creative tools, and provides an authentic audience for their work.

-Children will be able to use the platform in a safe and enclosed way.

-Children will only have access to seesaw at school.

-Promotes internet safety.


For the teacher and school:

-Saves time on organisation and parent communication and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills.

-Anything that is posted by children must be approved by the teacher or Mr Brown.


How we use Seesaw at Newton Ferrers:

-Teachers will not use the inbox system. This can not be disabled.

-Teachers will not be expected to post about every child every week. Using this system is to celebrate golden moments including effort. Teachers will aim to send 1-2 posts a week about what they have been doing to the class journal. Children who represent the school at different events or attend clubs are more likely to receive more posts.

-The comments and likes section has been disabled for parents.

-If you don’t have a smart phone, seesaw can be accessed on a webpage.

-All children will have access to seesaw – however not at home. It is the parents prerogative to use it – there is no expectation for parents to use it.

-If your child is not allowed to be on the website, their photo will only appear on their class journal unless you tell Mrs Rhead otherwise.


Accessing Seesaw

If you are having trouble accessing your child's seesaw account, please see your child's classteacher or Mr Brown.

“Up the Creek News”

This is the title of our weekly newsletter, which is available on the school website every Friday afternoon. Please go to the parents tab and newsletter. A copy will also be emailed out to each family. Please do make a point of viewing this as it will keep you in touch with what is going on in school and will have an updated list of diary dates. In an effort to be as ‘green’ as possible, we endeavour to send out all paperwork electronically as far as possible, but please let the office know if you specifically require a paper copy.

Contact Information, etc.

Contact information and parental permission forms are signed by parents when children start at the school and data is checked annually.

Please remember to provide the office with any information that needs to be updated on your child’s records, i.e. change of address / telephone (and mobile) number / medical information / dietary information, etc.

Friday Assemblies

Parents, Family and Friends are welcome to join the school each Friday morning for assembly.

On the first Friday of each month the assembly will take place in Holy Cross Church and otherwise in the school hall.

Assembly starts at 9.15 a.m. and usually lasts approximately half an hour.

During the course of the year each Class will lead one of the assemblies and share with everyone the work they have undertaken during the term