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Other foundation subjects


Children build on their historical knowledge each year.  Children will gain chronological understanding of different periods of time as well as knowledge and understanding of past events, people and changes in the past.  Children also learn how to develop historical enquiry and interpretation which is often using different sources, evidence and artefacts to make their own conclusions of historical events.

In history, there is a specific curriculum coverage that children learn.  So units of learning are not repeated, there is a rolling programme of study that children will learn about.  However, every year the children will learn about a local historical link.  Children are encouraged to find links between historical learning and their lives now and to understand how historical events have affected our local area and lifestyle.



Children build on different geographical skills each year.  They develop their knowledge of locations and places in a range of contexts from local to global geography.  Children learn about physical geography such as volcanoes and earthquakes and human geography such as trade between the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World.  Children will learn a range of skills and field work using maps, globes atlases amongst other resources.


Geography can link to different historical units of learning such as links to the Pre-Roman and Roman era.


Design and Technology

Design and Technology develops children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. It encourages children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues.  Design and technology gives children the opportunities to apply learning from across the curriculum to give their work practical context and apply skills to “real world” contexts.  


Teaching follows the process of design – make – evaluate so children understand how to develop a product confidently.  Children learn about technical language when making products learn and these skills are built on each year.   Learning includes reference to inventors, designers, engineers, chefs and manufacturers who have developed ground-breaking products.


Cooking and nutrition is taught every year with a focus on where food comes from.  Children are taught the skills of preparation and cooking with a strong focus on the value of nutrition.  The school has access to a kitchen where children can prepare and cook their own food.


Teaching often happens in a block in KS1 and KS2. This allows the children to really engage with the activity and plan, make and evaluate their products in depth.


Modern Foreign Language

MFL is taught over 6 weeks in a term. Spanish is taught at Newton Ferrers to children in KS2 following the National Curriculum objectives. In KS1, key Spanish words and phrases are taught where appropriate. 


Children are taught the different skills of learning a new language through listening, speaking, reading and writing.  There is also reference in teaching to grammar knowledge.  Teaching can include the learning of key phrases and songs are used to give children exposure to the language.



We teach PSHE weekly at Newton Ferrers. We follow the guidance from the PSHE Association and materials from the Christopher Winter project.  These sessions can be discussion based and follow thematic planning programme. PSHE teaching includes building relationships, keeping safe and healthy lifestyle.  Sex education and drugs and alcohol units of learning are taught in all year groups as children build on their knowledge each year.


During the Autumn term, children learn about living in the wider world whilst in the Spring term there is a focus on health and wellbeing which includes the teaching of drugs and alcohol.  In the Summer term, children learn about relationships which includes our sex and relationships education.


Twice a year, children will have a 3 week unit looking at mental health and how children can look after themselves as well as spot concerns how others might find things difficult with relation to mental health.  A focus on British Values is also promoted during PSHE sessions and a linked value is followed up during value assemblies.