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Parent Action Groups and Workshops

Parents Action Group Notes Spring 2020

Parent forum minutes Summer 2019

On February 27th, Mrs Dixon explained the maths mastery approach to parents and children. The class teachers put on workshops to show the approach and change in styles we have for maths.

Parent Forum Meeting Spring 2019

Parent Forum Meeting - Autumn 2018

Minutes from Parents Forum - Summer term 2018

Minutes from Parent Forum Actions meeting - Spring term

Minutes from our Parent Forum Spring 2018

Minutes from our Autumn Parent Forum Actions Meeting 11.12.17

Minutes from our Autumn Parent Forum 2017

This is a vehicle for the Head of Teaching and Learning, Danny Brown, to informally meet with a small group of parents/carers in order to share information and to also gauge the impact and effectiveness of the workings of the school. The Parent Focus Group will meet half termly and the people attending them will vary termly which will enable actions to be resolved following the first meeting.


Minutes will be taken and included in school newsletters and also published here on the website.

Parent focus group Autumn 2016

A questionnaire was sent out to all new parents to the school at the start of the Autumn Term. This included parents of children in Foundation and across the classes. A 'drop-in' session with Mrs Caunter was also provided so that parents could share their experiences about their child's induction to our school.


We would like to thank all of those parents who replied and shared their views.

We were grateful for the feedback we received.


"Our daughter's transition to school was seamless. There were opportunities for the children to visit school in the Summer Term. Our daughter particularly enjoyed eating her lunch at school and feeling part of the wider community".

Parent of a child in Foundation, September 2016.


"The factors which influenced our decision to send our child to Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School were its reputation, the behaviour of the children, the values of the school and because it is a Church School".

Parent of a child who joined Foundation, September 2016.


As a staff we have also taken on board the feedback that you gave with regard to how we could improve our practice. When we have large numbers of new children to school, in different year groups, other than Foundation, we will look to provde a 'Meet the Teacher' session where new routines and learning can be explained. This will go alongside the useful information flyer, curriculm letters and mind maps which are provided for all parents.


Further feedback from parents

Following parents evening in October, the parents were asked to comment upon their child's progress since the beginning of term and how well their child had settled into their new class.

Here are a few of the comments:

" Our son has settled in very well to his new class. He seems very enthusiastic. I was very impressed with the quality of my son's work and comments in his book".

"I am delighted at the progress our son has made. He is really enjoying reading and writing in particular. It seems he has also gained confidence playing with the other children as well which was a concern before he started".

"I was very impressed by my children's books and not only that, the children come home enthused by their lessons and what they are learning. They have great respect for their teacher".

" I am really happy with how well both my children have settled into their new term. They are enthusiastic to come to school each day. I am pleased with the progress both children have made since arriving at the school".


Parent Focus Group- Spring term 2016

Instead of holding a meeting to discuss a variety of school issues this term, it was decided that it would be more beneficial to use the opportunity to invite parents to a range of workshops. The main foci of these workshops have been Maths and/or Phonics. The workshops, which have been facilitated by members of staff including the Head of Teaching and Learning, Maths Lead and Early Years teacher have been an opportunity to talk to parents about the new curriculum and the strategies that we use to teach the children in either Phonics or Maths. Our aim was to provide parents with information so that they could further support their child with their learning at home. Where appropriate, with the Year 2 parents, we have also shared with them information regarding the new SATS arrangements for this year and shown them the various types of questions which the children will be expected to answer.

At these workshops, we have also launched our new school calculation policy.

The following workshops have taken place:

Foundation Parents invited to a Phonics Workshop

Year 2 Parents invited to a Maths workshop

Year 3, 4 and 5 Parents invited to attend a Maths workshop

Year 1 Parents invited to a workshop focussing on Maths and Phonics.


If you were unable to attend one of these workshops, which is relevant to the age of your child, please contact Mrs Caunter for further information.


Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about our school.

Parent View asks for your opinion on twelve aspects of our school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.


Ofsted use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. Ofsted also review the opinions of parents given on Parent View when they inspect schools.


Please use the following link to access Parent View: