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WARREN (YR 3 & 4)

Spring Weekly Timetable

Spring term spellings - Group 1 spellings (for each week) are on one document.

Groups 2, 3, and 4 are all on the other attached weekly documents.

Welcome back everyone! 

Spellings are set on a Friday. The children need to complete their spelling sentences (5 for Year 3 and 10 for Year 4) and hand them in by the following Wednesday. There will be a spelling test given each Friday so that the children have a week to learn them. 

Please find the spelling lists for the term attached above. The children have been put into 4 groups (and should know which group they need to look at).

Each Friday, we will also give the children a times tables sheet to complete as this is a focus for our class this year. This is also due in on Wednesday.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs. Sewell and Miss Price-Draper (Warren Class teachers)

CAP training comes to the school

Maddie and Stanley help the ladies from the Child Assault Prevention team with a bit of drama. The children all got loads out of the training - very useful and worthwhile.

Thinking about the Bible

As part of our Understanding Christianity learning, we begin by examining a Frieze of the entire story of the bible. Here we are examining the first section: we discovered Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and God's promise via a rainbow and the Pyramid to represent Moses and Egypt. 

Friction in Warren Class

Our Science learning this term is all about forces and magnets. We decided to conduct a series of experiments over the term: here is the first. We are trying to measure the amount of friction provided by different surfaces. Great fun!

In Yealm class this term, we have been learning about how to use an atlas to locate different countries in Africa. Here are some examples of our work.

Yealm class have designed and created a Kente cloth, inspired by native African clothes, using simple geometric patterns and weaving.

The Year 3's had a fantastic time during their wild night out.We went on lots of adventures around Dewerstone including weaselling through rocks and climbing up Dewerstone Tor!

Yealm class enjoyed another trip to Carswell Farm.

Yealm have been continuing to improve their typing skills

We have been developing our typing skills by copying up our fantastic diary entries from the perspective of a fairy tale character.

The year 2's this week are looking at 2D shapes, they used pegs boards to make 2D shapes and then they wrote about the properties of these shapes.

In PE we have been developing our balances using different points. We have used these balances to create a sequence using rolls and jumps.

Our children have been sharing their home learning projects with the class.

Year 3 had a fantastic trip to Carswell Farm. We learnt about the changes on the farm during Autumn, looking at the different colours and we had the opportunity to make some bread. During the afternoon, we learnt about how to track hedgehogs, what they eat and what their houses might look like.

Our Trip to the Aquarium

We had a fantastic tour of the Aquarium where we learnt lots about the different animals, how they have adapted to their environment and their life cycles. We then had a work shop where we look inside a shark’s stomach to see what he had eaten. Afterwards, we had a discussion about pollution in our seas and identified what we can do to stop this.


In Yealm class this week we have done some DT, we have made some amazing felt fish. We designed our fish and learnt how to do a running stitch.

Have a look at some of our Art we have done in class. They look fantastic!

Year 2 had a wonderful time at Carswell farm. They made their own Autumn soup from fresh after picking their choice of vegetables, created their own apple print paintings and found out what makes Autumn special on the farm.

Yealm Class 2017-2018

Welcome back everyone! We are Yealm Class made up of year 2 and year 3 children. Our class teacher is Miss Ross and our teaching assistants are Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Harvey. Our learning enquiry this term is the Blue Planet. We have a very exciting term in front of us so make sure you check back to see what we have been up to.

Science Healthy Living

Here are a few photos of the children making their healthy packed lunches.


We are a year 1 and 2 class.

Teacher: Miss Foster

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Harvey

Summer Term


Our topic this term is 'Famous People' and in science we are studying 'Animal and other Living Things'.


This half term the Year 1s have the opportunity to have Forest School sessions on Friday afternoons. The sessions take place in Noss Mayo woods. It is a chance for us to get our wellies on and spend the whole afternoon outside.


We have learned about the different plants and trees in the woods. We have also learned about minibeasts and their homes. The children have made homes for the minibeasts they found. We have also practiced making different knots to make dens. We also play games and learn about how to stay safe in the woods.


Have a look at the pictures to see the fun we have had so far.  


We had a talk from 2 lifeguards who work on the local beaches come into school. The children learned all about the RNLI and the different flags and signs they may see on the beach. They also got to see their uniform and try it on. We then all went outside and had the opportunity to see their truck.


Making shapes in maths


Easter Garden Home Learning- after learning about the Easter Story in RE the children could make a garden over the Easter holiday

This term we are going to be practising for our whole class MAY Day dance.


We are also having our Forest School sessions this term and having our Year 2 sleepover.


Check back again to see photos of our learning.

Spring Term

Welcome back! This term our topic is Our Local Area and in science we are learning all about Materials.


Five Little Senses All In A Row Poem

Still image for this video
We have been learning different poems and this week we will be writing our own sense poem about school.

Making a map of our school

Autumn Term

Our Topic is Roald Dahl and in science we are learning about Plants.

Moving crocodile puppets

Fresh air Friday

The Prodigal Son-RE and Drama

If You Should Meet a Crocodile Poem

Still image for this video
Class 2 learnt and performed this poem with actions to each other.
At Carswell Farm we learnt about which month is the best for which vegetables. We then made vegetable soup and picked apples and made apple juice and dried apple rings. We also helped out around the farm. We cleaned the barns, cleaned out the chickens, fed the horses and searched for eggs. For lunch we went to the wood and tried our soup.

Week of inspirational maths



Hello and welcome to Class 2. We are a straight Year 2 class.

Teacher- Miss Foster

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Godfrey

Summer Term 2016

For the second half of term we have changed our topic to 'Dinosaurs'.

We have been learning all about the different kinds, we have written dinosaur stories and we have been outside measuring how long they all were:


Measuring Dinosaurs

Summer term 2016


This term our topic is Weather Experts.

In Science we are learning about Plants and Animals including Humans.

So far this term we have learnt about the seasons then written and performed our own weather forecasts.


In DT we have created our own wind vane and then took it outside to check they worked.



After we learnt about the different types of clouds we then did some observational drawings. Have a look at the clouds we saw and some of our sketches.






Spring Term


Our topic is The Great Fire of London!

Have a look at our classroom. 



Some of our learning so far: we have looked at what London looks like in the present day and we have sketched famous landmarks.



We have written out own sense poem as if we were there. Here are two examples of poems written by a member of Class 2:


The Great Fire of London

I can see men pulling down houses.

I can hear crackling flames in the air.

I can smell burnt, stinking, smelly bread from the oven.

I can feel hot flames.

I can taste burning fire in my mouth.


The Great Fire of London

I can see scavenging flames, people pulling down houses and burning houses.

I can taste burning wood, black smoke, thick ash and burning hay.

I can hear furniture being thrown into the water.

I can feel hot, sweaty animals running.

I can smell black and grey smoke.  


In gym we are practicing holding our balances for 3 seconds without wobbling. We will then put these together in a sequence. Have a look at some of our balances: 




London's Burning

Still image for this video

Our own version of London's Burning

Still image for this video

Balances in gym

Gym performance

Still image for this video

Our visit to the aquarium

Autumn Term


Our topic is 'Oceans and Seas'.


Have a look at our learning and our classroom so far.

We enjoy daily maths and literacy lessons. As part of literacy this term we are studying 'The Snail and the Whale'. We have written our own adventure for the snail and whale and in art we are making a paper mache whale... 


We love being creative in Class 2 and having a chance to express ourselves (particularly with singing, art and dancing!)


In science this term we are exploring living things and their habitats so we went into our school grounds to have a look at the different minibeasts and their habitats.




We have been trying to make our sentences really interesting and detailed. We then read our best sentence to the class. Here are some examples. 

The happy seal was sitting on a rock.



My friendly turtle saved a toddler from drowning in the turquoise sea.



The mean shark was trying to eat the seahorse.



The mean sea snail jumped on the whale’s face.



Last night I saw a friendly, unusual fish eating.




Welcome to Class 2!


Teacher: Miss Foster

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Harvey and Miss Rogers


Summer Term 2015

This term our topic is 'Emergencies and Healthy Bodies'.

So far we have had many children visiting the Class 2 hospital with broken arms and sore heads. Luckily they have all felt much better after the expert care of Class 2's doctors and nurses.


We have been learning about the body and what all the different parts are called.


Listen to our own version of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' below.


We are also very excited to try and get our Green Flag. The area of the school we are going to look after is the pond and we have big plans!

We have also had a visit from the Co-op and we have learnt all about what fairtrade means.



Still image for this video
The children created their own version of 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. Here is an example of their work.

Spring Term 2015

This term our topic is Africa.


We have thought about what we already know and what we want to learn more about.

We have designed our own African print:


In Literacy we have been looking at poems. We have learnt poems and written our own poetry.


Have a look at our performances.


Elephant poems

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Elephant poem

Still image for this video

Elephant poem

Still image for this video

Elephant poem

Still image for this video

Elephant poem

Still image for this video

Autumn Term 2014

During our Learning Life skills sessions this term, we have split the class into two groups. One group is engaged in Forest Schools activities at Brookings Down Wood and the other group is learning how to cook.

The Forest schools group have been making potions, building dens, learning how to know rope so that they can make swings and creating forest animals with clay.


Learning Life skills- Forest schools


For maths we enjoy a range of practical activities to help our learning:







In Literacy so far we have we told stories, practiced our sentences, explored different punctuation and written stories:



Look at our Writing Windows:




As our topic this term is Food and Farming here is some of our learning:





Academic Year 2013-2014

Read all about the exciting learning opportunities and curriculum that Class 2 experienced last year.

My teachers are called Mrs Dixon and Mrs Caunter. Mrs Dixon is kind and Mrs Caunter is the head teacher. There are 28 children. The groups are year two and year one. My friends are William, Oscar, Zac and Zeb. My lessons are Phonics, Maths, Literacy, Leap into Life and French. My favourite is Leap into Life. We are learning about Ancient Egypt. I like hieroglyphics.


by Isaac



In Class 2 there are 28 children. There are boys and girls but I don't know how many of each. The teachers are called Mrs Dixon and Mrs Caunter. They are kind teachers and Mrs Dixon tells funny jokes.

We had an amazing trip and we went to watch 'The Little Red Hen' at the Theatre Royal. I liked it when the Little Red Hen had a sharp saw and I loved it at the end.

We do Literacy and Phonics everyday. My favourite is Literacy because I loved reading about Cinderella.


by Sienna

Class displays

Ancient Egypt
Materials and their properties

Examples of our work

We have been creating riddles based on items and objects found in Ancient Egypt. We have been learning how to include similes and alliteration in our poems.

Can you guess what we have written our riddles about?


What am I?

I have a long tail.

I can be slimy.

I can live in the desert.

I am as long as a thick stick.

I slither around the desert.

I live in Egypt.

What am I?


By Zac W


What am I?

I live in the water.

I am very fast.

I am as green as a leaf.

I can be brown.

You find me in the River Nile.

What am I?


By Isaac


What am I?

I curl up in a spiral.

I hiss.

I spray venom.

What am I?


By Oliver


What am I?

You find me in the Egyptian sands.

I sound as if I am hissing like a cat.

I have a very, very big mouth!

I feel like a soft, smooth, slithery frog.

What am I?


By Tara



What am I?

I am bigger than a lorry.

I have a human's face and a lion's body.

It's where the Pharaoh puts his gold.

I am a statue.

What am I?


By William






In class we watched a video clip about what it would have been like to have built the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. You can watch the clip by clicking the link below. Then we wrote a postcard to our Mums and Dads to tell them about our experiences.

In the Summer Term our learning is based upon Heroes and Villians. We are all really enjoying reading 'Traction Man' by Mini Grey.

We have been writing reviews and summaries about the book. Do you think you would like to read this book?


Book Review

Traction Man by Mini Grey


Summary of the story

Traction Man as a great toy for the child. He goes on adventures in the sink. He found Scrubbing Brush as a pet. Traction Man is part of the family now as he got a present. He got.......and a bonnet.


My favourite part was when Scrubbing Brush was taken by the toes. Traction Man saved him because he tickled the toes.


I liked it because the dog ate Scrubbing Brush's medal.


By Oscar


Book Review

Traction Man by Mini Grey


Summary of the story

The story was about a boy who got a toy for Christmas. The boy set up little adventures for his Traction Man. On one part of the story Traction man found a side kick called Scrubbing Brush.


My favourite part was when Traction Man tickled the toes to get his side kick back.


I liked it because Traction Man had adventures.


By Zac


Traction Man by Mini Grey

After reading the trilogy of Traction Man stories, we have written our own new adventures for Traction Man. We hope you enjoy reading some of the stories. We have also tried to create a comic of one part of our adventures which included speech and thought bubbles. There are  examples of our learning in our classroom for you to enjoy. Come and have a look!

Music Day with Kip

On Thursday 3rd July Kip, our music teacher, was helping us decide what was going to happen in our music assembly for next week. My favoutrite part was when we got to sing The Bunglaow Song and when we got to make the music family.

By Jessica Y


On Thursday 3rd July, Kip came to school and taught our class some music. We were in groups but Sarah was by herself. My favourite bit was when we got to sing at the end.

By Poppy


On Thursday Kip taught us how to make music and how to use instruments. When we started we had to practice making a pattern. All of the music we made was very different. The instruments all made different sounds. I was playing the guitar and the conductor made a sign when it was our turn to play.

By Ella


Yesterday I had fun because I was playing the ukelele. I got to sing.

By Jessie W


Music Day with Kip