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YEALM (YR 1 & 2)

Welcome to Yealm Class 2019-20

Teacher: Miss Ross

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Godfrey and Mrs Timothy

We are a mixed year 1 and 2 class.


Our dinosaur museum in Yealm Class.

Excavating dinosaur skeletons.


Welcome to Yealm Class


We are a mixed Year 1/Year 2 Class.


Teacher: Mrs Pen-Collings

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Godfrey


Have a look at all of our learning below.

Half hunt with Foundation

Forest School with Year 1- knots,logs and dens

Base ten sea creatures

All the children enjoyed visiting and learning at Carswell farm.

The children have enjoyed making mini-beasts.

We were learning about technology today. We used the Beebots and controlled where they went.

We have been using the spots on ladybirds to represent adding.

Questions for the wolf

We have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Today the year 1s wrote questions to ask him including a question mark.


They included:


Where do you live?

How many people have you eaten?

Do you like sweets?

What is your favourite colour?


Then the wolf answered the questions they wrote.

Carswell Farm

The Year 1s visited Carswell Farm this term and we had a wonderful time! We saw what the farm is like in autumn. We picked some apples and made apple crumble, which many children came back for second helpings! Then we helped do the daily jobs around the farm, including feeding the horses, cleaning out the barns and checking for eggs. We also made lanterns using leaf prints and sang our lantern song.

Welly walk

A Crime in Voss Class

On Monday Voss Class walked in to find a crime had been committed! After investigating the scene they found lots of evidence including a lock of gold hair, a broken chair, a dirty spoon and a bowl of porridge which had been eaten. We then created a police report which involved sketching and describing the evidence. Then we measured the evidence. We concluded the crime was committed by Goldilocks!

The following day we made wanted posters to help catch her.

Carswell Farm

The Three Little Pigs

Still image for this video


We visited Carswell Farm and we had the opportunity to plant potatoes, spot signs of spring, go inside a tractor, collect eggs and decorate egg shells.

We went to Church along with preschool to learn about the Easter story. We talked about the significance of the cross for Christians and we made our own crosses

We have been looking at the life cycle of frogs; from frogspawn to tadpoles, to froglets and finally frogs.

We were visited by some 4 day old lambs, linked to our learning about Spring. We thought about how we should treat the lambs and how they will change as they get older.

We learned about Shrove Tuesday and why we eat pancakes just before Lent.

Class made gingerbread men. We weighed and measured the ingredients before baking, decorating and eating them!

We were visited by Gemma from the RSPB. We weretold a story about birds before going for a walk around the school grounds to spot which birds we have in our local area.

We have had our second 'stay and play' session of the year. Lots of parents turned up to share their children's learning, join in with our dough gym and play!

We have been thinking about Winter and what happens during this season. We did an experiment whereby we melted ice using salt and water after we learned about how gritters spread salt to keep the ice off of the roads. Some children then made models of a gritter truck.

In PE, we have been learning gymnastics! We have thought about shapes which we can make with our bodies as well as balances, ways which we can travel and symmetrical/ a symmetrical shapes with our partner.

We have begun our Traditional Tales topic by looking at Goldilocks and the Three bears!

Welcome back to school. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! This term, class 1 will be looking at 'Traditional Tales' for our topic.

Our Nativity- 'Star of Wonder'

We visited the estate agents in Newton Ferrers and we learned about how houses are bought and sold. Claire told us about how the houses are advertised on the internet and in the shop window. We then designed our own house which was put up in their window over the Christmas period.

We went for an autumnal wellie walk. We saw conkers, sycamore seeds, hawthorne berries and different coloured leaves.

We made a wormery by layering moist soil and sand, along with dead leaves into a clear plastic container. We placed our worms (which we found in our outdoor area) on top of the layers so that they could bury themselves into the wormery.

We looked at the Bible story 'The raising of the paralytic' and we used this to think about friendship and what friendship means. We then acted out the story, carefully carrying the teddies as the sick man's friends carried him to Jesus.

We took Puddles to our Harvest festival at the church. We thought about the importance of giving and being thankful to God for the food we have.

We visited our local Post Office, where we were shown how to weigh and measure parcels. We also had a loook at different stamps and were shown the produce sold in the shop.

We visited our local building site to talk to the site manager about the process of building a house. We were shown plans for the houses and he explained the purpose of insulation.

We made bird feeders using pine cones, bird seed and lard. We hung them on a tree so that we could watch the bird from our 'hide'.

Our visit to Carswell farm

Welcome back to school! Our EYFS class have settled in fantastically and are ready for a fun year ahead. The staff in class 1 this year are: Miss Millar (Class Teacher), Mrs Needham (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Quayle (Student Teacher). Our topic for this tern is 'Our Local Area', we will be looking at our local amenities as well as the wildlife and plants found around us.

We planted sunflower seeds and beans for our 'plants' topic.

Dinosaur World Maths!

Our Historian Visit- The Great Fire of London

Our Visit to Tesco

Our science day- Materials! We did an experiement to find out which materials dry the quickest, we made paper aeroplanes and raced them, We made a papier mâché balloon to see how we can change materials to make them stronger.

Our visit from Mrs Merry who is from Peru. She taught us some colours and numbers in Spanish and told us about her culture; We coloured in our picture but to get the colour we wanted, we had to ask for it in Spanish!

We were lucky to have a visit from two lambs which were only one week old; we thought about what happens in Spring and we even named the lambs (David and Fluffy)!

Whole school shape maths investigation- We experimented with making 2D and 3D skeleton shapes from straws and plastercine.

Our visit from a police diver; We learnt all about how to be safe near the sea and how to work safety equipment such as life jackets and life rafts!

Christmas in class 1

Our author visit- Clare Welsh; we dressed up as pirate mice for the day and we were introduced to Clare's exciting new book 'The Aerodynamics of Biscuits.'

Our Visit to The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth

Our nature walk to spot the signs of Autumn.

British values day and the Queen becoming our longest serving monarch.

Autumn Term... Under The Sea. Making our submarine!

Welcome to our new Foundation stage!

Spring Term....Off into space!

Making apple juice at Carswell Farm

To help our 'Food and Farming' learning Will's Daddy brought his tractor to school!

Class One in their first week of school. September 2014

Academic Year 2013-2014.

We are now in Year 1 but we thought you would like to look at the fantastic learning opportunites that we experienced in Foundation. Look how much we have changed since our very first day at Primary school!

In my class I do phonics and reading. My teacher is Mrs Bradley. Mrs Bradley is nice.                  by   Molly


My teacher is called Mrs Bradley. She has a dog called Maisie. I learn about the Gruffalo and the Stick Man.

                                                                                                              By Alice    5 and 1 month

Gruffalo fun!

How to be a knight....

We had a banquet!

The tadpoles are hatching. It must be spring!

We created a 'Play in a day' at the Theatre Royal about pirates!

Maypole dancing on Mayday

Fun at the National Marine Aquarium