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Ethos Committee

Our ethos committee meet on a termly basis to review the previous term and plan upcoming events.  This will involve Reverend Anne, Mr Brown (Head of Teaching and Learning), Mr Thomas (Federation Ethos lead) and other members of the clergy from around Newton Ferrers including parents.

Family Group session- focusing on Collective Worship- February 2016.


  1. What is your favourite worship song and why?
  • Our God is a Great Big God because it is upbeat, has actions and goes really loud at the end.
  • Peace like a river and Our God is a  great big God because they have fun actions and are tuneful.
  • One more step along the world I go, Father Abraham and Our God is a great big God (because they are fun and active)


  1.  What is special about collective worship/ assembly time?
  • We think collective worship and assemblies are special because we have time to be together at the beginning of the day.
  • It teaches us about religion and it is good for people to come together and worship.
  • That we all get involved.
  • We get to sing and listen to a religious story.
  • They are about God, Jesus and the Bible. We all come together.


  1. Why do we have worship?
  • We think worship happens in our school because we are a Christian school and it is important since we get to learn about the teachings of God and Jesus.
  • We have worship because we are a C of E school. We learn more about Jesus. Everyone comes together and shares their opinions.
  • We have it to think about God and trust in him and respect him. To learn about religion.


  1. What do you like about it Open the Book and Holy Communion?
  • We like Holy Communion because we sing nice songs and share bread. We like Open the Book because you can participate in it and the plays are good.
  • Open the book as you get to take part in a story and Communion because you eat the body of Christ.
  • We like the stories that the people act out and we get involved. We like the songs we sing in Communion because we know the tunes to them.



  1. Can you describe how worship helps you in everyday life?
  • Worship helps us in our everyday lives because we learn how to treat people and live our lives in the right way.
  • So that you can ask God to forgive you.
  • Worship can help us in everyday life because it can help us recognise and respect other people’s religions.


  1. Is there anything you would like to change about collective worship in your school?
  • More Open the Book because people understand the Bible stories better. It is an enjoyable way to learn them.
  • Do more acting and taking part in acting, more open the book, an ethos group for Years 4,3,2,1.
  • Have more singing and more Bible readings.


Mrs Caunter will be talking to family groups about the ways in which we can improve collective worship and implement the children's ideas over the rest of this academic year.

Hockey Sticks to Africa

Hockey Sticks to Africa 1
Hockey Sticks to Africa 2

As a school, we were asked to supply any unused and unwanted hockey sticks. These donations were sent over to a school in Africa so that the children there could learn to ply a game that many of our children, at Newton Ferrers, enjoy playing.