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Church of England Primary School

Visions and Values

Our school values:

Our School Values were chosen following consultation with different stakeholders.  The school children (during a family group assembly), parents and members of the church community all contributed towards deciding the following as our school values:

Confidence - Creativity - RespectPeacePerseverance - Collaboration

Love is the over-arching value.


These six values, with love as the over-arching value, underpin daily life at Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School.   They encompass characteristics that we all aim to foster and they are celebrated by both children and staff. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

We also promote British Values throughout school life to prepare children for their role in society.  Using democracy through fair voting systems and promoting diversity and acceptance in all areas

of the school day from class time to play and lunchtimes. Staff role model these values and support

children in learning about individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect.


Our Vision:

Our school is a unique village school. We offer creative and exciting experiences to all with a fresh approach to education. Children are inspired and enthused to achieve their full potential in a stimulating, caring and supportive environment. We are a learning community, building on success. Our children are enabled to meet life's challenges with confidence, becoming valued and respected members of society.  


Our Houses:

Houses are named after famous explorers who were local to Devon: Sir Francis Drake, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Robert Falcon Scott and Mary Kingsley.  Each child is placed into a house which they compete for. There are a number of house events, such as sports day, which the children collaborate in their houses against others in competitive situations.  Children can also attain house points for a number of reasons which are given by all adults across the school. These house points are totaled for celebration assembly where the house winner is decided.  Each house has a designated charity which they will raise money by holding different events over the course of the year.

House captains are children in year 6 who were elected by children and adults from their own house following speeches given to the whole school. As well as being the key representative and role model of their house, the children will serve a number of roles including providing tours of the school and ensuring all children across the school feel involved in house events.

This years house captains are:

  • Drake - Seb and Iwan
  • Gilbert - Maddie and Toby
  • Scott - Oliver and Hannah
  • Kingsley - Charlie and Tom



We believe that nurturing children’s sense of responsibility and willingness to lead and serve others is a key element of preparing children to become productive and considerate citizens in the wider world. In Years 5 and 6, we encourage children to widen their responsibilities across the school and take on leadership roles to assist in the smooth running of the school. Children write letters of application for school leader positions of responsibility that they feel passionate about and can have a positive influence within the school.

House Points and Stars

Stars and House Points can be awarded by all staff to children for a variety of reasons. For example:

• Polite, well-mannered behaviour

• Demonstrating a caring attitude towards peers

• Working to the best of their ability

• Putting special effort into a piece of work

• Neatly presented work

• Positive attitude towards work

• Sporting or ARTS achievement

• Taking part in competitions and events

• Helpful approaches to different situations

House points can be awarded by any member of staff that work within the school. Depending on the achievement, the member of staff can give between 1 and 5 house points for any of the above.

Every week, the house points are counted by our House Captains and a weekly winner is announced during our Celebration Assembly every Friday. House points are then tallied over the course of a term, a winner is announced, and the children in that house are rewarded with a special event or treat. At the end of the year, once all house points are tallied, the House Champions will be announced. The winning house will be awarded their ribbons on the House Cup.

For a star to be awarded, this must be something above and beyond. Examples of this could be: an outstanding piece of work which is above the standard that they are usually capable of; an act of generosity or kindness towards someone in and around the school community; representing the school at an extremely high level or working to raise money towards their house charity in their spare time. All children will start the year with a clean slate and will aim to beat their previous year score.

As well as achieving a star, the child will receive 10 house points.

As children accumulate stars throughout the year, they will be awarded bronze (10 stars), silver (20 stars) and gold (30 stars) stars and certificates which will be presented in Celebration Assembly on a Friday. Certificates will be awarded for those children that reach 5, 15 and 25 star landmarks.

This system aims to encourage a real sense of pride and achievement for the children. It fosters community spirit and gives the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger, which involves children from all year groups. The older children are positive role models and take on a pastoral role for the younger children.