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Each September every child from the school is placed into a ‘Family Group’ consisting of Year 5&6 ‘parents’. The children meet as a Family Group at least half a term, to discuss a wide range of themes raised by the children, staff, parents and governors. This year, as well as considering individual issues, the children have discussed;

• The Eco School’s Award 
• The Healthy School’s Award 
• Learning and Teaching within the school

The children’s view points and ideas are all kept on record and are discussed with staff and parents. Many of the children's ideas are then implemented across the school.

For our Family group session in November, we discussed the introduction of Bug Club.

The children's responses included:

"I like the quiz at the end of each book," said Otto, Year 4.

" I like to play on the games," said Kit, Year 1.

" I like Bug Club because you can read new books and find your page automatically," said Jasmine, Year 5.

" I learn to do science things such as making a bouncy egg from reading a book, called 'You can do this at home', that my teacher had allocated me," said Poppy, Year 3.

"I like Bug Club because you get points for reading. I have learnt to read a greater range of books," siad Cameron, Year 5.

"My favourite books was 'Book worms' because it was funny," said Zach, Year 2.

" I like Bug Club because I like reading books without the pages ripping," said Jessica, Year 3.

"You dont't have to go to the library,2 said Tom, Year 4.

"I enjoy reading longer novels. I play games and read books so that I can customise my Bugs", said Freya.






During our family group session on Thursday 5th February 2015, the children discussed why we have a school uniform, what makes us look smart  and how they would change our uniform.

The group’s responses included:

We wear a uniform because....

  • If visitors come to our school then we need to make a good impression.
  • It helps us look presentable.
  • It stops distractions.
  • It represents the school.
  • It shows we are all part of the team.
  • People cannot be judged.
  • It sets good examples.
  • It allows us to take pride in ourselves.
  • When we are on school trips, you can tell where we are.
  • No one feels left out- we are all the same.

We are smart when we...

  • Wear navy blue skirts and tights (girls)
  • Have our hair tied back
  • Have our ties done up
  • Have our top buttons done up
  • Have clean shoes
  • Have our shirts tucked in.
  • Have our laces tied up.
  • Wear our cardigans on our shoulders.


We would change our uniform by......

  • Changing the polo shirt
  • Changing the colour of our jumpers.
  • Having school hair bands.
  • Only wearing summer dresses in Summer.
  • Wearing ties which have different colours in them depending on which team we are in.
  • Allowing children in Year 5 and 6 to wear blazers.
  • Only having thick cardigans not thin.
  • Paler Navy blue school uniform.
  • Long sleeve shirts for winter.


The staff all thought that the children had come up with some excellent ideas especially regarding changes to the uniform. We hope to discuss some of these ideas with parents at the next parent forum meeting.  



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