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Learning For children In Self Isolation - March 2020

We have attached a number of documents that you may find useful during your time self-isolating.  Below is also the home learning expectations for each class:


Our school homework belief is that homework should reinforce and support learning that children undertake in school.  Decisions regarding homework followed consultation with staff, children parents and research from other settings.

If any parents or children have any concerns about homework, they should contact their class teacher.



All children throughout the school are expected to read at home for at least 3 times per week for 15-20 minutes – recorded in home-school books.  For children in Reception to year 4, staff would appreciate a comment from a family member to recognise reading has happened in home-school books. E.g. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory p.71-78. Good understanding of chapter and read fluently.  This book is a good way of communicating with your class teacher.

For children in years 5 and 6, children are expected to still be reading at least 3 times per week for 15-20 minutes.  However, they will be required to record their reading themselves in their home-school book.

We would always encourage reading to your child so they have opportunities to listen to potentially a wider range of vocabulary.  Children might then ask questions about what you have read to them.


Phonics and Spelling

Each class follows a phonics or spelling programme which is taught daily.  Phonics is taught from Reception and their class teacher will hand out half-termly packs to be completed with a family member.

From year 1 to year 6, children have a weekly spelling test.  For all classes, spellings are set on a Friday to be tested on the following Friday.  These spellings will be in the home-school book.  In KS2, children are expected to show evidence that they have practiced their spellings in their home-school book e.g. in a sentence, pyramid words.



In Reception and Key Stage 1, children are expected to know their number facts e.g. Rec- facts to 5.  In Key Stage 2, children use times table rock stars to ensure they have a rapid recall of all multiplication and division facts up to 12x12.  Teachers will send home expectations.



Each term, all classes are set a home learning project, which relates to their class topic.  This project is shared in class with their peers.  Children are encouraged to be creative with their approach with no expectation as to how this could look.



For some children that find some concepts of learning difficult, teachers will work with parents and children to give them boosts.  This could well be in the form of homework.

For children, who want to do extra work to consolidate learning or practice what they have learnt, they are able to access education city online.


Year 6

To prepare children for secondary school, year 6 will receive maths and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) homework in order to consolidate end of year expectations.