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Importance of Pupil Leadership At Newton Ferrers


Here at Newton Ferrers, we wholeheartedly embrace the importance of pupil leadership, aligning with our core values of Collaboration, Perseverance, Creativity, Peace, Confidence, and Respect.


Through leadership roles, we actively promote collaboration, allowing students to work together towards shared goals, fostering a spirit of unity within our school community. The perseverance instilled in our pupils through these roles empowers them to overcome challenges, promoting resilience and a strong work ethic. 


Creativity is at the forefront as students in leadership roles find innovative solutions and bring fresh perspectives to school initiatives. These roles contribute to a peaceful and harmonious school environment, where students, through their leadership, actively work towards resolving conflicts and promoting understanding among their peers. Confidence is nurtured as students take on responsibilities, enhancing their self-assurance and belief in their capabilities. 


These leadership roles instill a profound sense of respect, as students learn to appreciate diverse perspectives and value the contributions of others. Each leadership opportunity becomes a canvas for our students to embody and practice these values, creating a school culture that reflects the principles we hold dear.


In essence, pupil leadership at Newton Ferrers not only aligns with our values but serves as a catalyst for their embodiment, preparing our students for a future enriched by collaboration, perseverance, creativity, peace, confidence, and respect. 

House Captains:  

House captains are children in year 6 who were elected by children and adults from their own house following speeches given to the whole school. As well as being the key representative and role model of their house, the children will serve a number of roles including providing tours of the school and ensuring all children across the school feel involved in house events.  They will each organise a house day which aims to raise money for their chosen charities.  


Last Years House Captains raised money for the following charities:  

Drake - Drake Sailing £262.42

Gilbert - Shelterbox  £456.51

Scott -  Medicinema £262

Kingsley - St. Lukes Hospice £248.63


The school has raised £188.46 for a MacMillan coffee morning and £134.40 for the British Legion Poppy Appeal


Head Pupils:


This role gives children responsibilities to act as an ambassador for the school and make a difference across the school.  This year, children have spoken at the Remembrance and will present at the Christmas services at St. Peters Church. 


The head pupils lead on School wide charities such as Children in Need, Save the Children and Comic Relief and will support and advise other groups. 


This year for Children in Need the Head Pupils supported by the Sports Leaders raised 

£1826.45 through a sponsored run, raffles, quizzes, hot chocolate and cake sales. 

School leaders:

We believe that nurturing children’s sense of responsibility and willingness to lead and serve others is a key element of preparing children to become productive and considerate citizens in the wider world. In Years 5 and 6, we encourage children to widen their responsibilities across the school and take on leadership roles to assist in the smooth running of the school. Our school leaders assist our foundation children at lunchtime through our buddy system to act as role models for those children who have just entered the school.

Children write letters of application for school leader positions of responsibility that they feel passionate about and can have a positive influence within the school.

Ethos Leads 


Job Description: Ethos Leads focus on promoting the school's values and ethos. 



  • Organizing events that promote the school's values and ethos 

  • Encouraging positive behavior and attitude among students 

  • Collaborating with teachers to embed school values in everyday learning

  • Meeting with Head of School to discuss and agree foci for assembly and working with the Ethos Committee

  • Supporting with Values Assemblies 



Eco Leads 

Job Description: Eco Leads are responsible for promoting environmental awareness and sustainability within the school. 



  • Organizing eco-friendly initiatives and activities 

  • Educating peers on the importance of sustainability 

  • Leading projects to reduce waste and promote recycling 

  • Ensuring screens and lights are off

  • Monitoring water usage



Digital Leaders 

Job Description: Digital Leaders support peers and teachers in using technology effectively and safely. 



  • Assisting with technology-related issues in classrooms 

  • Leading workshops on digital safety and responsible online behavior 

  • Exploring and introducing new digital tools and resources to enhance learning 

  • Trialing new technology



Mental Health Ambassadors 

Job Description: Mental Health Ambassadors focus on promoting positive mental well-being among students. 



  • Organizing activities that raise awareness about mental health 

  • Providing peer support and guidance 

  • Collaborating with staff to create a supportive and inclusive school environment 


Sports Captains 

Job Description: Sports Captains promote and support sports and physical activities within the school. 



  • Encouraging participation in sports events and activities 

  • Assisting in organizing sports competitions and teams 

  • Leading warm-ups and drills during physical education classes 

  • Organising the equipment at lunch to ensure resources are available for all.


Wildlife Warriors 

Job Description: Wildlife Warriors focus on promoting awareness and understanding of local wildlife and the environment. 


  • Creating and maintaining wildlife-friendly spaces in the school 

  • Educating peers about local flora and fauna 

  • Organizing conservation and wildlife-related activities 




Job Description: Librarians manage the school library and promote a love for reading among students. 



  • Organizing and maintaining library resources 

  • Assisting peers in finding and selecting books 

  • Arranging and leading library activities and reading clubs 

  • Trialing and reviewing new books

  • Creating wish lists for the school to purchase based on recommendations. 



Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 

Job Description: Anti-Bullying Ambassadors work towards creating a safe and supportive school environment, free from bullying. 



  • Organizing anti-bullying campaigns and events 

  • Providing support to peers who are experiencing bullying 

  • Collaborating with staff to implement strategies to prevent bullying 


Creative Arts Ambassadors 

Job Description: Creative Arts Ambassadors promote creativity and artistic expression within the school. 



  • Organizing and participating in art, music, and drama events 

  • Encouraging peers to explore their creativity 

  • Assisting in decorating and preparing for school events and performances 



Job Description: Gardeners take responsibility for maintaining the school garden, fostering a love for nature, and teaching fellow students about gardening and the environment. 


  • Planning and tending to the school garden, including planting, weeding, and watering. 

  • Educating peers about gardening, sustainability, and the environment. 

  • Organizing garden-related activities and projects, such as creating a vegetable garden or flower beds. 

  • Collaborating with teachers to incorporate the garden into the curriculum. 

  • Leading initiatives to promote environmental awareness through the school garden.