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'To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.'

– Chinese Proverb



During Spanish lessons, we aim to support our pupils to become linguists by deepening their cultural understanding of Spain and fostering their creativity by introducing a new language. We want our MFL curriculum to help develop children's tolerance and awareness, by encouraging the celebration of different cultures and languages.



MFL lessons begin in Key Stage 2, however, EYFS and KS1 join in with our termly Spanish culture afternoons and are also taught basic vocabulary by their teachers to encourage early language development and an introduction to MFL lessons. Pupils will be provided with opportunities to develop their speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. A variety of mediums will allow pupils to achieve this including songs, games, poems and conversations. Woven throughout the curriculum are opportunities to develop their understanding of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. In addition to these discrete lessons, teachers promote Spanish to be spoken as part of the school day by encouraging children to use their language skills in a range of different activities, for example during daily routines such as taking the register, giving instructions or asking questions.



Verbally, pupils will be able to respond, engage in conversation, ask and answer questions and give opinions. Pupils will broaden their understanding of vocabulary through repetition and exposure of high frequency words and phrases in reading, writing and listening activities, which they can build upon in each year group. Children will be exposed to simple verb conjugation and the correct word order for complex sentences and adjectival agreement, in preparation for their learning in KS3.

Our Spanish Long Term Plan