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To support with spelling at Newton Ferrers, we have embraced Read Write Inc. Spelling—a robust, fast-paced, and systematic programme tailored for children in Years 2-6.


Why is a systematic spelling programme important?


Recognizing the complexity of the English language's sound-based writing system, especially its rich vocabulary assimilated over a millennium, we understand the importance of a systematic spelling programme. While other languages benefit from a simple alphabetic code, English presents challenges with multiple ways of writing each sound.

Read Write Inc. Spelling addresses this complexity, emphasizing the need for structured, systematic teaching to enhance spelling skills.


Our primary objectives are to ensure that children:

  • Spell new words correctly, engaging in ample practice, including exception words and homophones.
  • Spell words as accurately as possible, leveraging their phonic knowledge and other spelling concepts such as morphology and etymology.
  • Understand and apply the concepts of word structure.
  • Spell unfamiliar words by applying their understanding of English spelling rules.


When do our children start to use Read Write Inc. Spelling?


At Newton Ferrers, we utilise Read Write Inc. Spelling for children in Year 2 and above. It complements Read Write Inc. Literacy and Language which we use as a spine for our Writing lessons.


How does the programme work?


At Newton Ferrers, Read Write Inc. Spelling is designed to cover all the spelling requirements outlined in the National Curriculum in England. Divided into year groups and further segmented into units of work, each unit spans approximately one week. The five daily sessions, lasting 15 minutes each, following a consistent pattern.


Timetables and Flexibility


Our timetable for each unit accommodates the varying needs of our students. Quick learners may need four sessions, steady progress may require five, and those needing more practice may extend to seven sessions per unit. We recommend spending 15-20 minutes daily on spelling activities, adjusting the pace according to each child's ability and memory. In higher years, where not all activities may be necessary, we encourage flexibility. Moreover, incorporating Consolidation sessions and extra time for Red/Orange words ensures a tailored learning experience.