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Who's Who?

Mr Danny Brown - Head of School

Mrs Justine Dixon - Deputy Head of School


Mrs Katie Rose - Reception teacher in Voss class

Miss Mollie Ross - Years 1 and 2 Teacher in Yealm class

Mrs Louise Sewell and Miss Ami Price-Draper - Years 3 and 4 teachers in Warren class

Mrs Jo Pen-Collings - Year 5 teacher in Cellars class

Mrs Justine Dixon and Mrs Therese McKinnon - Year 6 teacher in Revelstoke class


Mrs Heather Slater - SENCO


Teaching assistants:

Mrs Kirsten Harvey

Mrs Christine Godfrey

Mrs Gill Eason

Mrs Gail Sizer

Mrs Claire Gray

Mrs Shirley Timothy

Mrs Sarah Quayle


Mrs Debbie Rhead- Head Administrator

Mrs Hilary Colling - Administrator


Mrs Rachael Caunter- Executive Leader of School Improvement

Mr Paul Walker - CEO of First Federation