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Visions and Values

Our school values:

Our School Values were chosen following consultation with different stakeholders.  The school children (during a family group assembly), parents and members of the church community all contributed towards deciding the following as our school values:

Confidence - Creativity - RespectPeacePerseverance - Collaboration

Love is the over-arching value.


These six values, with love as the over-arching value, underpin daily life at Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School.   They encompass characteristics that we all aim to foster and they are celebrated by both children and staff. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

We also promote British Values throughout school life to prepare children for their role in society.  Using democracy through fair voting systems and promoting diversity and acceptance in all areas of the school day from class time to play and lunchtimes. Staff role model these values and support children in learning about individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect.


Our Vision:

'Inspiring all, flourishing together, fulfilling  our God given gifts.'


Our school is a unique village school. We offer creative and exciting experiences to all with a fresh approach to education. Children are inspired and enthused to achieve their full potential in a stimulating, caring and supportive environment. We are a learning community, building on success. Our children are enabled to meet life's challenges with confidence, becoming valued and respected members of society.  We share our god given gifts through the concept of 'service' and 'personal responsibility' to improve and support our school, local community, country and the world that we are all a part of.