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Our Christian Vision and Values

Our School Vision

Inspiring all, flourishing together, sharing our God given gifts.

Our Christian school values:

Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School believes firmly that Christian principles must underpin all of our work with children. The children, parents and members of the church have chosen the following Christian values which we want our children to reflect upon, develop and experience during their time with us at Newton Ferrers C of E Primary School:


LOVE includes all of these:


Respect Helpfulness, tolerance, honesty

Jesus’ command to ‘love our enemy’ – we can disagree, but treat each other with respect.

Respect for God’s world, his people and ourselves.


Peace -   Forgiveness, democracy, appreciation

God’s peace -  in ourselves, in our relationships, in the world.

‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ – where can we make peace?


Perseverance courage, resilience, determination, passion

St Paul -  run the race of life.

Perseverance of the Magi, of Abraham, and many who ‘travelled’ in the bible.


Collaboration Generosity, friendship, being supportive

The disciples sent out in pairs; St Paul’s advice to the churches to work together – we achieve more by working together.

Sharing -  Jesus said give away a coat if you have two etc


Confidence independence; trust

Jesus encouraged the weak and those of low status (beggars, lepers, the disabled)

Psalm 139 -  God knew and loved each of us before we were born


Creativity kindness, thankfulness

Using our God-given gifts to be creative. Thanking God for these gifts.

Knowing we are valued by God.

God re-creates what is damaged or broken, including us – potter and clay.

We can help others to be ‘re-created’ by showing kindness